0-10v Dimming with Led Lighting Fixtures

Nowadays, more and more lamps show the lighting dimming function. However, do we understand what function and its role in our daily lives?
0-10V dimming is the simplest control system, It can safely control the light and shade of the light, create a comfortable living and working lighting environment, and also relieve mental stress to a certain extent.


What is the meaning of 0-10V dimming?

At 10 volts, the output power of the lamp is maximum, the lighting fixture is the brightest. At 0 volts, the output power of the lamps is the lowest, and the brightness of the lights is also the darkest. However, sometimes switches are needed to turn the lights off completely.

Why use 0-10V dimming?

Dark pupils are more receptive to bright light than light pupils, and children's eyes are more sensitive to light as they grow and develop. To protect the eye health of yourself and your family, using 0-10V dimming is not only convenient but also can save energy and save a lot of money for you.

What are the Benefits of 0-10V dimming?

Benefit 1:

Reduce carbon emissions, save energy, and protect the environment.

Benefit 2:

It can control the output lumen of the lamps, reduce the output power, and save your electricity bill.

Benefit 3:

It can reduce the working temperature of the LED lamp and extend its use life.

Benefit 4:

You can adjust the lighting according to your mood and needs, creating a comfortable and pleasant atmosphere.

Benefit 5:

It is easy to use and low installation cost.