Does selectable wattage matter? What is the benefit for us?

Wattage-selectable means adjusting settings lighting on-site by yourself. It is convenient for you to change and control color temperature, and you can manage the lighting ambiance in different spaces. Besides, the wattage-selectable lighting fixture is energy conservation and safe reliability.

Wattage-selectable Benefits:

Economy & Energy Saving:

In general, the higher the wattage, the higher the brightness of the bulb, and the higher the energy consumption. In the past, we always chose lamps with fixed wattage, which was inconvenient to use and sometimes caused additional electricity costs.

More Secure:

It is bad for us to use the wrong wattage. The higher wattage than what is called for your need may be a risk of fire. Cause serious harm to our safety and property. The lower wattage may cause insufficient lighting brightness and affect work efficiency.

Easy to Use:

With the development of science and technology, the use of lamps is also more and more advanced. Wattage-selectable is also very easy to operate.


Does higher wattage mean the lighting fixture provided more brightness?

Wattage is the rate at which electricity is used. Higher wattage means more energy is needed to work, and more money is spent. Wattage and brightness are two different indicators.


What are lumens?

Lumens is an index used to measure the brightness of a fixture. Lights with higher lumens produce brighter light.

How many watts should we choose? How much

lumens should we choose?

  • In Public

Street Light:

01. Usually between 35 and 250 Watts.

02. In residential, usually requires around 5,000 to 12,000 lumens.

03. In arterial roads or highways, may range from 10,000 to 40,000 lumens.

  • In Commercial

Office Light :

01. Usually between 50 and 75 Watts.

02. At least 500 lumens per square meter.

Workspace, Garage or Warehouse Light:

01. Usually requires around 8,000 to 10,000 lumens.

02. At least 75 Watts.

  • In Residential

Living Room :

01. Usually between 40 and 60 Watts.

02. About 1,000 to 2,000 lumens.

Dining Room:

01.Usually between 40 and 60 Watts.

02. About 3,000 to 4,000 lumens.


01. About 1.24 watts per square foot.

02. About 1,000 to 2,000 lumens.


01. Usually between 60 and 75 Watts.

02.  About 3,000 to 4,000 lumens.


01. Usually between 40 and 60 Watts.

02. About 7,000 to 8,000 lumens.


01. About 40 Watts, such as lighting pathways, garden beds, and other landscape areas.

02. 40 to 80 watts are used for lighting driveways, smaller yards, and so on.