Led Vapor Tight Light Introduction & Selection Method

Led Vapor Tight Light Introduction & Selection Method

The LED vapor-tight fixture is waterproof and energy-efficient for indoor or outdoor use. It's optimal for underground parking garage compliance. Also, it's perfect for use as utility lighting, parking garage, and stairwell lighting where meets applicable building and safety codes.

The Benefits Of Vapor-tight Lighting Fixture:

  • Energy Efficiency:

LED lights can save more than 85% of energy, which can allow enterprises or businesses to save a large part of administration expenses.

  • Long Lifespan:

LED lighting fixtures can last up to 50,000 hours.
  • Add Security:

Reduce the explosion caused by dust or water vapor entering the interior of the lights. At the same time, the maintenance cost and time of lamps are reduced.

  • Extensive Use:

Indoor and outdoor commercial lighting can be used.

Led Vapor Tight Light Fixture - led Shop lighting -


- One piece heavy duty weatherproof polycarbonate gasketed body protects electronics from harsh conditions, moisture, vapor, chemicals, and corrosion.

- Aluminum extruded heat sink designed to facilitate heat dissipation to reduce LED junction temperature for maintaining lighting output and life span of the LED.

- 120-277V Input, 50/60Hz

- PF>0.9 CRI> 70

-120° degree beam angle even lighting distribution.

- Available in a wide range of color temperatures from 3500K- 5000K.

- Ambient temperature: -20℃ to 54℃.

- Humidity: 20-85% RH, non-condensing.

- Smooth 0-10V DC dimming feature and compatible with a wide variety of dimmers.

How Do I Choose Vapor Tight Light Fixture?

4Ft Led Vapor Tight Light , 34W/38W/45W Adjustable Wattage,3CCT


  • Lighting Material 

The material of commercial lamps is generally metal, which has good heat dissipation.

  • Size

Factors such as installation environment, design requirements, and lighting effects need to be considered. Different environments and needs correspond to different size standards, so reasonable matching and adjustment are needed in the selection.

Common sizes are:4' and 8'

8 foot waterproof led lights & 4 ft led strip light
  • IP Rating

IP20: It does not have a protective effect on the entry of solid objects with a diameter greater than 12.5mm. This light fixture is not waterproof and is usually used in dry and dust-free indoor environments, such as living rooms and bedrooms.

IP44: In the working state, prevent foreign substances from entering solid objects with a diameter greater than 1mm. This light fixture can generally be used in a relatively humid indoor environment, such as kitchens, bathrooms, etc.

IP65: Under acceptable pressure and time, it can prevent water from being brought into the lighting equipment, and the water will not cause damage to the equipment. The light fixture is generally suitable for outdoor environment, such as semi-outdoor, garden, open-air restaurant and so on.

IP67: It refers to the protective effect of water immersion to prevent water penetration or damage inside the equipment after immersion in a specific depth of water within a specified period of time. This light fixture is suitable for underwater lighting, swimming pool, and other water environment.

Waterproof resistance in descending order:

IP67 > IP65 > IP44 > IP20

  • Color Temperature & Adjustable Wattage

Color Temperature indicates how warm or cool the light appears, and is measured in Kelvin.


Adjustable Wattage allows keeping the luminaires with minimal energy while maintaining brightness.

  • CRI

The higher the CRI index, the better the lighting effect and the better the quality of the lamps.
  • Easy To Install

Step 01: Release latches by pulling the top of the latch away from the housing and removing the lens from the housing.

Step 02: Without touching the LED boards, detach the LED tray from the fixture.

Step 03: Take the installation kit outside from the fixture housing.

Step 04: Locate and drill holes for mounting brackets. Use hardware found in the installation kit. Mount brackets to the surface.

Step 05: Press the mounting clips to housing recesses until both sides of the clip are secured.

Step 06: Follow the General Wiring Diagram on for reference and make sure the power supply is disconnected before installing

Step 07: Reattach the LED tray to the fixture by reversing step 2.

Step 08: Secure the lens to housing with lens latches.

-1) Connect the flexible cord (SJTW 18AWG, not included) to the driver input wires.
-2) Be sure to connect the wet location-rated strain relief(included)to the side hole of the housing.
-3) To ensure that the gap is sealed by glue.

  • Dimmable

Lighting effects can be customized according to the needs of the occasion.
  • Lifespan

The Long Lifespan indicates that the quality of the lighting fixture is high, and it can also save a cost for the maintenance of the lamps in the later period.

  • Security

Important luminaire certifications, such as UL Classification and DLC.

The lighting fixture certified by the authority has security guarantees.