The Introduce Of LED Ceiling Light

The Introduce Of LED Ceiling Light

What Is Ceiling Lights?

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The ceiling lights are common lighting fixture that are designed to be mounted on the ceiling.

Benefits Of LED Ceiling Lights:

  • Energy Efficiency

  1. The use of advanced LED lighting technology, saves 85% of energy while ensuring adequate lighting, saving a lot of energy and electricity.

For example:

  Incandescent Halogen CFL LED
450-500 Lumen 40W 28W 10W 6W
1000-1200 Lumen 75W 53W 20W 11W
1600-1800 Lumen 100W 72W 23W 17W
Estimate Annual Energy Savings 0% 28% 75% 85%
  • Long Lifespan

For Example:

  Incandescent Halogen CFL LED
Life Span 1000Hours 2000Hours 10000Hours 50000Hours
  • Safety

  1. Certification

Lighting certifications are a process that evaluates the quality, performance, and safety of lighting products and systems to ensure they meet industry standards and regulations. Lamps with professional certification are safer and more reliable.

  • Humanization Design

  1. Adjustable CCT (Color Temperature) 
  2. High CRI
  3. 0-10VDimmable

The Surface Mount Fixture brings you a modern ceiling lighting solution. You can choose the color temperature by using the CCT switch on the back of the fixture easily. Fits all your needs for the environment light.

Type of LED Ceiling Lights

  •  Surface Mount Panel Light

- Durable anodized aluminum frame with highly reflective, matte powder-coated paint.
- High-quality PMMA light guide plate creates uniform light.
- 120V Input, 50/60Hz, PF>0.9
- Available in a wide range of color temperatures from 2700K-5000K with constant output.
- Ambient temperature: -20℃ to 40℃
- 0-10V dimmable
Installation Method:
Step01: Secure the mounting plate (C1) to the junction box (A1) using junction box screws(E1). The side of the mounting plate marked “GND” (C1) must face out.
Step02: Connect the electrical wires as shown in Fig.2, making sure that all wire connectors are secured. If your outlet box has a green or bare copper ground wire, connect the fixture’s ground wire to it. Otherwise, connect the fixture’s ground wire directly to the mounting plate(C1) using the screw(E1) provided. After the wires are connected, tuck them carefully inside the junction box. Place the fixture over the mounting plate(C1) and secure it with screws(E1).
Step 03: To prevent moisture from entering the outlet box and causing a short, use clear caulking(i.e. indoor/outdoor silicone sealant) to outline the outside of the fixture's back plate where it meets the wall leaving a space at the bottom to allow moisture a means to escape.
Step 04: Snap the lamp into the housing firmly. Make sure the light is secured to complete the installation.
  • Double Ringed LED Surface Mount Fixture

- Die-formed cold-rolled steel with satin nickel finished- High transmission white acrylic lens
- 120-277 Input, 50/60Hz, PF>0.9, CRI> 80
- 120° degree beam angle even lighting distribution
- Available in a wide range of color temperatures from2700K- 5000K
- Ambient temperature: -20℃ to 40
- Smooth 0- 10V DC dimming feature and compatible with a wide variety of dimmers
Installation Method:
Step01: Before beginning assembly, installation, or operation of the product, make sure all parts are present. If any part is missing or damaged, do not attempt to assemble, install, or operate the product. Contact customer service for replacement parts. Loosen screws counterclockwise.
Step02: Open the junction box. The junction box contains three wires: hot (black), neutral (white), and bare ground. Connect the two hot wires together with wiring nuts (one from the light switch cable and the other from the recessed housing). Repeat the step with the two neutral wires. Close the junction box to complete the wiring.
Step03: Put the fixture plate across the screw of the lock, then rotate the fixture plate clockwise and lock it tightly with the screw lock. Use the switch to choose the desired Color Temperature.
Step04: Securely mount the fixture plate to the junction box firmly.
Step05: Place Diffuser and tighten screws clockwise to complete the installation. Restore power to the electrical box. Turn the light switch on to activate the fixture.
  • Plastic Trim Surface Mount Light with Motion Sensor


- Motion detection range up to 15ft with a 65-degree detect angle
- Metal trim with white finish
- Warm white 3000K
- Suitable for use in damp locations
- Energy Star and ETL certified
Installation Method:
Step01: To prepare the disk light for installation:
- Make sure the power is off.
- Hold the trim firmly, and remove the diffuser with your hands by turning the diffuser counter clockwise.
Step02: The junction box has three wires: hot (black)neutral (white) and bare ground (green). Connect the hot wires from the back of the disk light and the other from the junction box together with the wiring nut. Repeat the step with the two neutral wires. Use a wiring nut to cap the bare groundfrom the junction box.
Step03: Push all the wires and cables into thejunction box, Use a Philip head screwdriver to mount the disk light to the junction box.
Step04: Put the diffuser back on the disk light. Lock the diffuser by turning it clockwise with your hands. Make sure the diffuser is secured to complete the installation.

Can You Replace LED Ceiling Lights?

Regardless of the expected lifespan, it's inevitable that a certain percentage of them will be damaged before they're supposed to. If this happens, it's fairly simple to replace one.

How To Choose Led Ceiling Lights?

  • Room Area: The room's area decides the amount of light you need.

For example:

Room Area Brightness
12 x 12ft 3600-4400lm
15 x 15ft 5200-6000lm
15 x 20ft 6700-7400lm
20 x 20ft 8600lm-9400lm
  • Color temperature: Different color temperatures can help you achieve the desired ambiance in different spaces.


Room Color Temperature
Living Room 3500-4000K
Bedroom 3000-3500K
Dining Room 3500-4000K
Kitchen 4000-5000K
Bathroom 3500-4000K
  • Energy Efficiency

1. Wattage

2. Energy Star 

3. Smooth deep dimming to 10%

  • CRI

On the CRl scale, which spans from 0 to 100, higher values indicate better color rendering akin to natural daylight or incandescent lighting. A high rating signifies that objects illuminated by the light source appear more vivid and true to their natural colors. Conversely, a lower CRl rating suggests that colors may appear distorted or washed out.

  • Size
  • Lifespan 
  • Compatibility with fixtures and dimmers

What Is The Most Popular Ceiling Lighting Fixture?

  • Ceiling Light with Night Light

- 5 selectable color temperature
Suitable for use in wet locations
- 0-10V Dimmable
- Certification
Rest assured knowing that this light is FCC-certified and ETL listed, guaranteeing energy efficiency and safety.
- CRI 80+
Featuring a high CRI of 80+, this flush mount light ensures accurate color rendering for a captivating visual experience.
- Long Lifespan
- Easy Installation
-1) Embedded in installation
Step 01: Remove trim and existing lamp from the recessed fixture
Step 02: Screw the E26 socket adapter into a socket in the housing
Step 03: Press the friction blade to insert the lamp into the housing and restore power.
-2) Embedded in installation
Step 01: Fixing the bracket on the terminal box
Step 02: Connecting the wire
Step 03: Rotate the lamp to fix it on the bracket tightly