Ultra-thin Recessed Lighting Guide

Ultra-thin Recessed Lighting Guide

Ultra-thin Recessed Lights - Canless Downlight
The ultra-thin recessed light is known as a canless downlight. It is the best choice for saving space, such as narrow clearance ceilings and crawl spaces. 

Benefits of Ultra-thin Recessed Lighting

Benefits Reason
Energy Efficiency
  • Advanced LED lighting technology
  • Save up to 85% on energy costs.
Space Saving
  • Fit into tight spaces
  • Keep space tidy and clean
  • Can be used in many residential and commercial applications

  • Morden
  • Ultra Slim

Style Of Recessed Downlight

  • Flat Trim 


Flat Ultra-thin Recessed Downlight


  • Baffle Trim

Baffle Ultra-thin Recessed Downlight

Flat Trim vs Baffle Trim

  Baffle Flat / Smooth
  • Minimize glare
  • Creates a softer, more diffused light beam
  • Maximize light beam spread
  • Reduces eye strain
  • Suitable for task illumination, facilitating reading, or sewing
  • Lighting is evenly spread across the subject and results in minimal shadows.
Popularity Degree
  • The most popular
  • Common

How To Choose The Right Ultra-thin Recessed Light?

  • Appearance & Style

Appearance Style
  • Round
  • Smooth / Flat
  • Square
  • Baffle
  • Ultra-Slim recessed lights


  • Size & Number

Size 4 inch 6 inch
Room Area 12-27 12㎡-27
Number of  Lighting Fixtures 4-32Pcs 4-24Pcs

The data is for reference only.

  • Energy Efficiency

  • LED Lighting Technology
  • LED lighting technology can save more than 85% of energy
  • Wattage & Wattage Adjustable
  • Adjustable wattage design to maximize energy savings
  • Dimmable
  • Lowering the brightness level helps users reduce the amount of electricity
  • Brightness

Luminous Flux
  • The higher the luminous flux value, the brighter the luminaire
Color Temperature (CCT)
  • In the case of the same luminous flux, a higher color temperature will make people feel brighter light.
  • On the CRl scale, which spans from 0 to 100, higher values indicate better color rendering akin to natural daylight or incandescent lighting. A highCRl rating signifies that objects iluminated by the light source appear more vivid and true to their natural colors. Conversely, a lower CRl ratingsuggests that colors may appear distorted or washed out.
  • Certification

Lights with professional certification, the better the quality of lights.

Ultra Thin Recessed Lighting Installation:

Ultra Thin Recessed Lighting Installation
Install 1:
Use the provided hole size template to cut a hole in the ceiling for installation.
Install 2:
Place electric cables to the quick wiring connector and close the junction box to complete the wiring.


Install 3:

Connect the downlight to the junction box. Place the junction box into the ceiling.

Install 4:

Push clips up and insert the downlight into celling, release clips to finish the installation.

Install 5:
secure the downlight, aim the downlight to the object or area that you like to highlight, the installation is completed.