What is a retrofit recessed light?

What are the retrofit downlights? What does it feature?

  • The Retrofit Recessed Lights are a type of downlight, that retains the existing above-ceiling fixture and lighting layout, upgrading the lamp source.
  • Retrofit Recessed Lighting Fixture Type: Round, Square, Baffle, Flush.
  • It is easy to retrofit halogen bulbs to recessed lighting.
  • Recessed lighting retrofit uses advanced LED technology, saves more energy, and reduces carbon emissions.
  • Easy to install and price cheap.
  • Recessed lighting can add 1% – 5% to your house's value.


What size LED recessed lights should I use?

  • To fit your ceiling size.
  • 3‘’ and 4'' retrofit recessed lights are suitable for lighting small areas or as supplementary lighting.
  • 6'' light fixtures are usually used for general lighting purposes.
  • Above 10'' lights, creating a wider lighting.
  • The size of 4'' and 6'' are the most popular.

How many recessed lights per square foot?

  • It is about every 4 to 6 square feet of ceiling space.

How far apart should recessed lights be spaced?

  • The half of the ceiling's total height.