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Franklin LED 720W Full Spectrum High-Output Commercial Grow Light, 120-277V input, 4 steps dimmable, linkable, suspension kits included

Product Description

Elevate your indoor gardening with our LED 720W Full Spectrum High-Output Commercial Grow Light. This powerful grow light operates on 120-277V input and features 4-step dimmable control, allowing you to customize the light intensity for different plant growth stages. With its linkable design, you can easily connect multiple lights to create a tailored lighting setup. The included suspension kits ensure quick and hassle-free installation, providing adjustable hanging heights for optimal plant coverage. Take your indoor gardening to new heights with our professional-grade LED grow light. With its full spectrum light, this grow light closely emulates natural sunlight, promoting healthy and robust plant growth. The 4-step dimmable feature allows you to fine-tune the lighting for your plants' specific needs. Whether you're a commercial grower or a passionate gardening enthusiast, this versatile and energy-efficient grow light is ideal for cultivating a wide range of plants. Create an optimal growing environment with our reliable and high-performance LED grow light.

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Max. Load 
720 W 
Input Voltage
120-277 Vac
Power Factor
1975 µmol/s
2.58 µmol/j
Knob switch/0-10 V
Color Temp.
Life Hours
DLC, UL8800, UL1598
up to 50 fixture
Power Source 
19 lbs
42.9''L x 47.2"W x 3.4''H


Franklin LED 720W Full Spectrum High-Output Commercial Grow Light Fixture, Max coverage area 4x4ft, 120-277V input, 4 steps dimmable, linkable, suspension cable set included

- Consists of 3000K warm white, 5000K white, 660nm deep red, and 730nm IR light ,Franklin’s suite of lighting solutions offers superior optical lighting control to bring you a precise, rich light that maximizes yield and provides a wider coverage in low headspace applications. This reduces the number of fixtures needed and lowers capital investment without sacrificing uniformity or crop quality.

- Lower operation cost FRANKLIN LED grow light provides a balanced spectrum with more blues and greens than HPS while still leaning red and far red to allow for an industry leading efficiency of 2.74 umol/joule, consuming only 720-Watt with output 1,975 PPFD at 12 in. H for indoor plants, FRANKLIN offers plenty of light to maximize yield and even supplement CO2 when used in low mounting height or tandem configurations

- No fans zero noise. Large areas of solid aluminum heat sinks help you to achieve the ideal cooling system, the Franklin LED light board use aluminum make it cooling down instead use fans, bring you a quiet grow experience.

- With 25%-50%-75%-100% sectional dimming function, Franklin LED lighting technologies has made it easier than ever to connect numerous fixtures together. Simply link and manage all of the light’s dimmability, as well as its ability to turn on and off from a single controller. The minimal setup provides significant flexibility and maximum yield.

- Franklin LED grow lights aims to make installation a breeze, that's why every fixture comes with multiple accessories to allow for variable mounting options and equal light dispersion for any application, the Franklin full spectrum plant light is packaged with ratchet clips and suspension cables, you could install the lights by yourself in minutes, plug and play, saving your installation cost and time

- Franklin offers a complete light distribution for all growth periods, no matter the lights’ mounting height. This allows you to direct, effective, superior optical lighting wherever you want it. 36+ in. height is ideal for full room coverage with mounting in overhead bay configuration. 8 –36 in. is ideal for suspended in rows over aisles with clearance to access plants. 9 –18 in. is ideal for vertical racking.

- Franklin products are made with an emphasis on efficiency and durability. Our products are independently tested, offer a 5 year warranty, and are validated with a DLC Listing. Each fixture is able to operate in high heat, humidity, and wet environments.




Sku: MF7000
Vendor: Franklin

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