What is a vapor proof light fixture?

Vapor proof light is a wet location fixture, it is sealed against vapors, gases, and corrosive fumes. It can be used indoors and outdoors. Vapor-proof lighting fixture is often provided for streets, gymnasiums, factories, etc.

The Benefits of Vapor Proof Light Fixture:

  1. SAFE: Generally speaking, it can prevent water vapor and dust from entering the interior of the lamp, reducing the occurrence of lamp explosion.
  2. Easy Installation & Time Saving: The simple installation of fixtures can save a lot of time to arrange lights and create more economic benefits.
  3. Long Lifetime: Vapor proof light has a long service life and saves a lot of maintenance costs. It is easy to replace even if damaged.
  4. Save Efficient: Less efficient fluorescent strip lamps in residential and commercial locations have been gradually replaced by Vapor proof light.
  5. Large Range of Applications: It is designed for outdoor walkways, car washes, airports, tunnels, parking garages, cold storage warehouses, walk-in freezers, barns, stairwells swimming pools, and so on.

Does selectable wattage matter? What is the benefit for us?