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How do I choose the right light?

Commercial Lighting Type

Linear High Bay is a type of LED high bay light that has a linear structured fixture whose light source is LED. It illuminates large spaces with sleek design & energy efficiency.

UFO High Bay is designed for modern needs that are best utilized in large, open spaces like warehouses, gyms, shops, and other commercial areas with high ceilings.

Vapor light is a bright, safe, and long-lifetime illumination fixture that keeps moisture and dust away. It is usually used to provide light for large spaces, such as sports arenas, stores, banks, gyms, or streets.

LED wraparound Light is a linear fixture that is ambient lighting for surface-mount ceiling applications.

The LED strip light is designed for lighting hard-to-reach areas for events, retail, residential, and commercial applications.

LED wall pack light is a durable and energy-efficient outdoor lighting fixture. It is usually  illuminated pathways and perimeters that give pedestrians a greater sense of security.

Troffer light is a versatile lighting option that can provide ambient lighting to schools, offices, and medical.

The LED security light illuminates dark areas, like alleyways or areas with heavy foliage.

Residential Lights Type

Recessed Downlight is a sleek, space-saving, and economical light-fitting luminaire. It is easy to install in residential applications.

Ceiling Mount Light is mounted on ceilings that use less space, giving you more headroom in low areas. It is easier to install and clean.

Disk Light is an energy-efficient and easy-to-install ceiling-mounted lighting fixture. It is usually used in commercial and residential applications.

LED under-cabinet lighting is a modern, efficient, and energy-saving fixture for illuminating under-cabinet workspaces that provide enough light.

The Vanity Light is a bright and damp-proof modern fixture that illuminates the vanity mirror over a bathroom sink.

What Should I Pay Attention to When Buying a light?

Lighting is an important part of our life that can influence mood, work efficiency, and eye health.

There are some tips to help you buy a satisfactory luminaire.

  • Types of Light Fixture:

01. Ambient or general lighting is applied to illuminate the entire room and provide light to meet the daily general work life.

Common lamps are downlights, chandeliers, ceiling lights, panel light and so on.

02. Accent lighting creates a focal point that draws your attention to a specific object.

Common lamps are wall-mounted fixtures and recessed lighting.

03. Task lighting provides extra light to help people see small objects or objects of low contrast.

Common lamps are LED under cabinet lights, pendant lights, and so on.

  • Size of Light Fixture:

For ambient lighting use( a singular light fixture in a room), add the length and width of the room in feet, and the resulting number can be the diameter of your fixture in inches.

Length of the room (unit: feet) +Width of the room (unit: feet) = Diameter of lighting fixture (unit: inch)

For example, a 20-inch wide fixture would be ideal for a 10x10-foot room.

  • Lighting Parameters:

01. Color Temperature (CCT):

Color temperature (CCT) refers to the color of light, and the unit of color temperature is Kelvin (K).

2700K Soft White/3000K Warm White/3500K Natural White/4000K Cool White/5000K Daylight:

Light fixtures with a lower CCT value produce a yellow/gold light, and those with a higher CCT value produce a white/blue light.

02. Color Rendering Index (CRI):

It is an important value parameter of lighting fixtures, the higher the CRI, the closer the object’s color is to the real color.

It is recommended to choose CRI>80+ lamps.

03. Lumen:

Lumens measure how much light you are getting from the fixture. More lumens means it's a brighter light; fewer lumens means it's a dimmer light.

04. Wattage:

The higher the wattage, the higher the energy consumption and the greater the cost.

  • Professional Certification & Warranty:

Professional certified lamps have quality assurance, common certifications are: DLC, Energy Star, UL Listed, ETL Listed, and so on.

The longer the Warranty, the easier it will be after a sale.

How do I choose a light for my room?

  • Living room:

A good living room lighting scheme uses different kinds of light to ensure lighting a space is to layer your lighting. It can keep your space evenly lit without feeling too bright or too dim.

Common lamps are Recessed lights, Ceiling Mount Lights, and Pendant lights.

  • Dining room:

Linear pendants and Chandeliers are the best choices for dining lights. Keep in mind suspension length when choosing a fixture.

  • Bedroom:

Bedroom lighting fixtures need comfortable bright lighting. Nowadays, more and more young people choose light fixtures that are dimmable or change the temperature.

Common lamps are Recessed lights, Ceiling Mount Lights, Wall Lamps, and so on.

  • Kitchen:

For the lights in the kitchen, it is better to choose materials that are easy to wipe, such as steel, metal, or glass.

Common lamps are Kitchen Island Lights and Under Cabinet Lights.

  • Bathroom:

Water resistance is important for bathroom lamps.

Common lamps are Recessed Lights, Ceiling Mount Lights, Wall Lamps, and Vanity Light.

  • Garage:

According to the lighting location and demand selection, generally, some kinds of lamps can be used:

Garage interior lighting usually uses Recessed Lights, High Bays Lights, Strip Lights, Vapor Tight Lights, Wraparound Lights, and Under Cabinet Lights.

Garage outdoor lighting usually uses Wall Sconce, Wallpack Flood Light, and Security Lights.

  • Yard:

Most Outdoor Lighting fixtures can used in the Yard or Garden. Wall Sconce and Path Lights maintain a certain range of light and can decorate the garden. If you want a wider, brighter lighting range, you can choose Wallpack Flood Light or Security Lights.

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